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Video content is the oxygen that creates awareness around what you are doing.

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Drew Alexander

We are proud to partner with Drew Alexander in producing his monthly YouTube channel videos.

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Hotel Madison

Social Video Studios was honored to product the Hotel Madison Winter Wine Weekend Promotional Video.

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From The Heart Campaign

Social Video Studios was honored to help raise over 7 million dollars for Olathe Health's From The Heart Campaign . 

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Social Video Studios was hired by CPOD to create a product demo video as well as promotional content to attract investors. 

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Our videos helped attract investors, and raise capital for the development of Mycroft's fully private Mark II voice assistant. Mycroft successfully raised $554,158 during this campaign.

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Olathe Health

Our work with Olathe Health is ongoing as we help raise awareness around different campaigns throughout the year. 

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Do it Yourself 

Want to make your own videos, but you need a little help? Great! Join the SVS Community and get the help you need to get started. Talk with our experts, chat with other community members, and share your successes.

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Social Video Studios Inc. 2016

Social Video Studios Inc. 2016